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Welcome to the NSAA ACT Branch Inc

The National Servicemen’s Association of Australia is currently Australia's second largest ex-military service organization just behind the RSL in total membership numbers.

Vietnam was a war that divided the Australian nation and some sections of the community reviled and abused Diggers in uniform, including National Servicemen. On top of that, those who had served in Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Australia, although giving up two years of their lives, were not eligible for the repatriation benifits available to active servicemen. The late Barry Vicary founded the National Servicemen's Association in Toowomba on November 28, 1987 to seek a better deal for these Nashos. Later, he widened the Association to include the 1950's call up.

The ACT Branch Inc of the National Servicemen’s Association was formed to assist all ex National Servicemen from both schemes and to promote the issues we feel should be brought to the attention of the Federal Government and other National bodies.

We hope that you will find this web page easy to navigate and that you are able to find out what your friends are doing around Australia and be assisted to make contact with them through the links currently in our pages and those to be included at some later date. 

Through “Membership Form Page” you will be able to apply for Membership in the National Servicemen’s Association of Australia ACT Branch Inc,  or in any other State/Territory Branch/Sub-Branch anywhere in Australia.



07/01/2015 21:32

Annual General Meeting 2015

On Saturday 4th April 2015 we have the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  As per the ACT Branch Constitution a reminder Notice is given that the Branch AGM will be on 4th April 2015, commencing at 11.00am at the Canberra Irish Club, Weston.  Apart from the normal business to be conducted there will be elections held for positions on the ACT Branch Management Committee.  In accordance with the Constitution:-  "All positions will be declared vacant—Rule 11. " Nomination (on the approved Form*) for vacant positions MUST be received by the Secretary no later than 7th March 2015—Rule 11 " Notices of Motion, in writing MUST be received, by the Secretary, no later than 21st March 2015—Rule 24".  Contact the Secretary on  6251 2733 for more information.  
Deb Debenham, Secretary.

*A Nomination Form for the Election of Branch Management positions can be found on this Web-site on the Home Page Menu, Site Map, Forms sub section.

Dedication of Memorial

04/11/2010 12:00

National Service Memorial Australian War Memorial - Dedication 8 September 2010 - Photographs.

Photographs of the Dedication Service march by Year of intake is on the photo section of this web site.

Please feel free to download a copy for your personal record.


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Our Branch

As we move more into the role of a State/Territory Branch of the NSAA it is pleasing to see that the majority of our members are embracing the concept